Eugenics, Abortion, Vaccine Mandates and MASS MURDER

Bill Gates is a devout Eugenics fan, via vaccine, abortions, sterilizing humans to stop population growth.Abortion is a eugenics program for the unborn. Murder them in the womb is the Eugenics way or destroy the reproductive organs. This c-19 Vaccine mandates is a eugenics program for the world population. To cause the sickness and early death of as many people as possible. So put the names in a bucket of all the people who are pro vaccine and pro abortion. Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schaub, Joe Biden, CDC, Fauci, Kamala, NIH, UN, WHO, the entire Executive Branch, the majority of congress and senate. Global Corporations. the bureaucrats who say, “no one is mandating vaccines.” But they sure are black mailing and bullying and threatening business to comply with their tyrannical mandates. So now discrimination against blacks and jews is looked down on but discrimination against the anti vaccine population, the patriots, gun owners, veterans, the entire population of America is being discriminated against by PRO Vaccine, Pro Mask, mandates which are the pro Eugenics programs to kill as many as possible by their own hand.

Fear, Fear, Fear, they fear their shadows by choice. This is a plan or a accident. Eugenics make plans to destroy life. Abortion is planned. Vaccine injections are planned. And in the past when a small handful of people died from a new vaccine they were stopped. But not this time. Because this vaccine does not prevent infections it causes the infection via “ADE,” Yet, as the truth comes out that the vaccine causes the “breakthrough” variant cases the people who planned this mass murder knew it all along and now try to shift blame onto the non vaxxed, They have lied to the people and are criminals for not telling the truth. Are they committing mass murder?These vaccines are a Eugenics program that will make yearly abortions look like child’s play. How many people are going to die? How many must continue to die? How many more lies by government employees calling for mandates. Pretending they are not trying to bully and coerce people to take the vaccine or we will discriminate against you. And black mail corporations and bully corporate leaders into requiring the mandates. Mass murder by these Eugenicist that is what we are looking at. Slavery for those who obey.The United Sates of America has been betrayed by cowards. But we are the people and we stand together. That includes those who were fooled into taking the poison. We pray for them and will help them and not demonize them for taking the vaccine but have empathy and sympathy for the blight cast upon them by these Eugenics mass murders. Eugenics is murder, genocide, So who is our enemy? The Democrat Party, the UN, the WEF, WHO, NIH, CDC all are pro forced vaccine mandate preachers. Government vaccine tyranny. Are they committing mass murder? Ask yourself another question? Why? This may well turn out to be the biggest genocide in human history. If 2.5 billion people have taken a vaccine, will half of them die. 1.25 billion people? MASS MURDER. Eugenic mass murderers.

We the people will not bow to you.

We will not accept your BANKING SYSTEM, We now start our own RESET of the truth of the “WORD OF GOD.” You banking system is foul, it has a stench of decay and corruption. A stench of inequality as your Federal Reserve Debt Note is nothing but a I.O.U. of worthless paper and you Digital Cashless Society is pure slavery. CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) “No man may buy or sell without the mark of the beast.” A cashless society is within the reach of the “New World Order.’ Central Bank Digital Cash is nothing but pure slavery to power. If they don’t like what you are do they just block off your account.Behave, Obey, get your Central Bank Controlled Money Today.

Make no mistake those who are bullying and blackmailing Americans into taking poison to keep their job need to know we do not live in fear of a small number of government traitors. You are the very ones who will be called to account for your actions against humanity.

So the world leaders who are promoting vaccine mandates are enemies of all people.

So that is basically, ALL PEOPLE WHO DEMAND WE GET VAXXED and “to hell with your freedom,” these are our enemy, by their own choice. They demand we bow, WE WILL NOT, we are that group you demonize for doing nothing wrong as you have gun owners for years. Now genocide is in full operation. How many will these Eugenics lovers murder? So now let us call them what they are, people who wish to force vaccines on people are mentally ill homicidal maniacs. This mass murder on global scale. Don’t believe it. Look around you and ask yourself if people were not having problems with the c-19 shot, there would be much less resistance. But hundreds of thousands people are suffering after taking the it and tens of thousands have died. How many more will this EUGENICS program murder? How many people will never ever believe it was all planned they only hoped more people would be injected and that is turning against them as their lies spill out of the hospitals about the truth of the deaths by vaccine injection.

Time to stop buying their products, time to stop banking with them. time to hoard everything to help those you can. Time to call out the UN & the WEF as the traitors to humanity that they all are. REMOVE THE UN FROM AMERICAN SOIL.

On a humors note we could build a wall around Washington, D.C. and put every illegal migrate there with the people who allow this illegal act to take place at the US southern border. But alas for many of those people coming over are good people having a hard time. But on the other hand why not just put the criminal gang element in the White House. Oops they all already are.

Open Letter To US Government

You are nothing but bullies, from top to bottom, from “elected” to appointed this entire government are nothing but bullies, liars, and hypocrites and you are bought and paid for shills of tyranny.

“Elected officials.” who are back stabbing, betrayers, pretending to be defenders of freedom who work behind the scenes to destroy freedom, to destroy moral standards, to destroy faith in freedom, liberty, justice. You have betrayed all American’s, no matter skin color, no mater beliefs, no matter sexuality. Our US Government “elected” officials are haters of the people. They do not love you. They love themselves. They love their power, the money, the influence. no matter that they have thrown truth to the ground and lie to you daily. Just do what we say, they demand. You don’t have the right to make those demands. Freedom is not bowing to their demands of tyranny. Freedom is standing against such “mandates” of pure communist tyranny. Now its medical tyranny and corporate tyranny. Liars like the Commerce Secretary, from RI Gina Raminado, “no one is being forced to take the vaccine.” NO, just black mailing them, bullying them, threating them. Just like all of the democrats for tyranny. Do as we demand or else., we are losing patience with the people who refuse to allow us to poison them.

Elected officials are saying you do not have the right to be free. You do not have the right to speak, you do not have the right to be your own person. They demand you must obey their demands. You have no rights, the US Government officials are now saying. You have no right to speak your mind, no right to believe what they demonize, no right to speak the truth, no right to have any rights. No right to think different than what they tell you. Unless you bow to us and take the poison. Funny that. They did not give me any rights but they are doing all they can to steal my rights. Just as they stole my vote and millions of others in the 2020 election. They did not defeat Donald Trump, they defeated “We the People,” with the lies, and theft of votes cast and out right cheating. Much like George W. Bush did in the election of 2000, that should have been a hint for us that our elections are rigged and have been for many years, Donald Trump was an anomaly that shocked and sickened the hive mind.

You hear these liars betraying the only thing on earth that matters. Can you hear the bigots howl. Can you hear the hypocrites scream how evil my words are. I dare say something they do not like. Let the social justice warriors and all the others who say there is hatred and bigotry in my words. They look at truth as a curse word no matter how it is said. Howl On cowards, hypocrites, liars. howl on. You are only puppets of the hive, and believe your own lies. ACLU stated “Far from compromising them, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties.” Now that is straight up communist double speak, George Orwell style, “War is Peace.” Slavery is Freedom. um. ACLU – does that stand for American Communist Liars Unit?

The US Elected Officials are praying to Brahma, but not the Lord Jesus Christ, The US Elected officials will bow to an idol of the virgin and child but will not bow to the “Word of God.” Idolatry is the new religion of the American political class and the ‘christian” churches. Brahma, The Hindu god of creation is their new god. Perhaps soon they will unveil their A.I. god. Man mixed with machine to produce the god they want to become and will gladly worship.

Do any of these people know JESUS CHRIST? Who are these fake pretenders of leadership and faith? Who say, Mother or Father might offend someone. Who say men can become women. Who say we can create fake money and it has value when it does not. Who say we must create a “NEW WORLD ORDER” or “Build Back Better.” Both statements sound like Orwellian comments of tyranny. “Slavery is Freedom,” this is the lie they want you to believe. Just as George Orwell wrote in the novel (1984). Recall the ACLU statement earlier. “Far from compromising them, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties,” ACLU. And the World Economic Forum dictator Klaus Snob. “In 2030 you will own nothing and be happy.” Or dead, he left out that part, where the World EUGENICS Priest want to murder 6.5 billion people so you can be happy and own nothing in 2030.

It is time for the people who are not religious but who believe in the Living God, Jesus Christ to understand that our country is now more of a pagan nation than it has every been. And to realize that pagans hate Jesus Christ, therefore if you follow him they will hate you just as much and will murder you to if the time comes when they can do it and get away with it. Let Them Deny It.

We do no have moral upright leaders in America, we have pagan idol worshipers who care nothing about you. They only care about their money and power. They hate followers of Jesus Christ. You think I am kidding? Look who the government has now declared war on. People who refuse to poison themselves, people who own firearms, patriot citizens, veterans, people who are believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

“To hell with your freedom.” Can you hear the violent outcries of hatred from these people? “My body, my choice” they scream to abort a baby, but “take the damn vaccine, to hell with your freedom of choice.” Sounds like evil minds are speaking evil things that lead them to do horrific things. Like Genocide.

When our elected officials demonize the population who does not agree with them they are declaring war on people who believe differently. This vaccine is a perfect example. This president thinks he has the power to demand 100 million people take poison because he said so. This is a leader of the deception that smiles and lies to your face and stabs you in the back the moment you turn away. HYPOCRITE, COWARD, FOOL. Most important a hater of JESUS CHRIST. Just as Nancy Pelosi is a hater of Jesus Christ, Happy to bow to the Pope and kiss his ring. But will not bow to Jesus Christ. Just as most of the US CONGRESS and SENATE and EXECUTIVE Branch, the Supreme Court as well as many of the military. They hate Jesus Christ, Let them deny it. Jerry Nadler “God has no place in this Congress.” Nancy Pelosi, “Our scared temple of Democracy has been desecrated.” In reference to the protest of January 6th 2021. Yet with every breath this PROGRESSIVE Communist liar, Nancy Pelosi destroys the freedom of every American. Let her deny it. She hates Jesus Christ because she worships in the “Temple of Democracy.” A pagan temple no doubt. She is happy to kiss the popes ring as she bows to that fake authority, while she uses her power to destroy freedom in American and America itself. Let her deny it. Let any of them deny it.

You religious christian’s who go to church and never hear a word about Jesus Christ, you never hear a word about the warrior side of Jesus Christ. No, these preachers always pretend and twist the truth. We have liars in power, communist God hating traitors at every level of our government. People who scream my body, my choice and then turn around and say, you must take the poison we demand it. Or you need to turn in your weapons because we don’t like them. Yet when we say stop aborting babies, what do you scream. “My body, my choice.” These are the hypocrites who support the Jesus hating officials. Who think they have the power to demand and the AMERICAN People of all color must obey. WE WILL NOT BOW.

We bow only to the LIVING GOD, Jesus Christ. We do not bow to tyranny, Joe and all the rest of you wanna be tyrants. From your Ivy League loud mouths. To your Hollywood morons. And the liars who say no one is forcing people to take the vaccine but you go out of your way to punish any company that refuses to comply as well as individual citizens. Who do you think you are GINA? BIDEN? NANCY? And to these hypocrites who call themselves journalist. these teachers teaching a pack of lies to your children. They teach a “Ball of Confusion.” And let us not forget the HIGH AND MIGHTY EXPERTS, who have no clue about anything at all. “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” Richard Feynman

How will you people like it after you take your poison shots and those who did not take it refuse to help you when you become sick? When you are to weak to get out of bed and function. When you are dying from the poison you are allowing them to put into to you while you at this moment in time scream at people who do not take the poison and demonize them and are all to happy to let them die. But when nurses and doctors will no longer treat the vaccinated, when restaurants will no longer server vaccinated people, what will you scream then?

Truth is the enemy of these people! No one wants people to die. But yet you scream for our death daily if we refuse to comply with demands you have no right to make. So as push comes to shove we can see clearly who is betraying American’s of all colors, all nationalities, all sexes. The elected and appointed as well as experts in government, education, Tokyo Rose’s, giant corporation, bankers and the Federal Reserve scam.

When government declares war on its people which the Democrat lead government is doing this very moment, you can bet they are scared to death of the population. And many Republicans are going along with them. They want to see violence erupt so they can declare martial law, so they can confiscate American’s firearms. It is not hard to see where this is going.

Take the poison get sick and die, we demand it, shout the officials. Not taking it themselves, demanding you obey the edit of dictator, Joe Biden. Lying so poorly the whole world can see through their lies except their own pagan followers, Still shouting my body, my choice in the face of their hypocrisy. While they demand you take the poison and you give up your weapons, and you bow down to the communist hive mind of the Democrat party or to the hive mind of the Republican globalist communist hive or else. They say they are “losing patience.” Um, sounds like the NAZI ideology at work here. Democrats fought a civil war to keep blacks in slavery. Now they are ready to fight a war to enslave every person in the UNITED STATES.

Minds controlled like puppets, dancing to the tune of their masters wishes. As the hive minds of those who see truth as relative, see themselves as victims of people who’s behavior they dislike. Their safe space has been invaded, weak minds like this should just stay in the basement like Joe Biden does.

Who will you believe?

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts”Richard Feynman

“Slavery is Freedom” This is the lie they want you to believe. Communist on the march this is the war we now face from the “governments.”

*Ball of Confusion, song by the Temptations 1970

Political Party

“A decadent or nihilistic culture is a seedbed for fascism. The less self-control the media or public exercises now, the more likely it become that some outside authority will impose a despotic control tomorrow.”*

Enter The US Democrat Party and enter the US Republican Party.

These are political parties of failure. They had there moments but both are failed organizations. Walling in their own lust for power and control by any means. Lies, threats and intimidation like the bullies they are. Serving themselves and not the public that voted for them.

The Democrat party has sold out America for political tyranny. Using big tech and medical tyranny to justify their power grab to control all aspects of every individual Americans life. Like the Nazi power grab in Germany, we now have our own NAZI Party in power in American. It is called the Democrat Party. The Democrat party fought a civil war to keep slavery legal. Now they want to enslave all of the citizen’s of America. And are nothing but communist traitors who most people refuse to believe the truth about them because they switch their words so often. Progressive = Communist, Socialist = Communist, Social Democrat = NAZI. Do you understand these words and how the switching the words fools people into thinking its the new term for Democrat but they are not they are new terms for Communist.

News outlets are no longer qualified to call themselves news as they are biased opinion pieces and nothing more, as fake journalist have simply thrown truth to the ground and print their opinion without out any facts to back up their claims. Using the catch all “expert say.” In other words news is nothing more than fiction or worse propaganda. Yet they do great harm by spreading their false disinformation or outright propaganda. And blame anyone who is not in on the side of their agenda as the enemy.

The Republican party are most filled with globalist money hawks, Who wish to control humanity with the fake Federal Reserve Banking system, which is a ponzi scheme of theft that both parties love to abuse at the expense of the population. Higher Prices, Higher taxes. Less wages, less benefits, more profit for the corporations.

We are not a nation to be bullied by our elected officials. Are they “gang members,”that they must threaten the population to do as they demand? Why do they ignore individual liberty? You hear so many social justice comments yet each and every solution by these social justice warriors is more control, less freedom, more tyranny. Hiding behind their power without the courage to believe in the “American Dream.” The dream to live your life as you desire within the confines of morally acceptable behavior.

Do we need elected officials who cannot even tell us the truth? Do we need elected officials who go into office living comfortable but become very wealthy while in office or after they leave and take a job with a company that lobbied them to pass laws that benefited the company and now the company hires them and gives them a big paycheck. I call that corruption. They call it politics.

Federal government has overplayed its hand. It demands to much and takes to much and returns so very little. So let us look to voices that are not afraid to speak the truth to the population. We do not need a economic system of “central banks”, we do not need thought leaders who are immoral, decadent, un-trustworthy, dishonest and corrupt. Gaining wealth off their political positions and knowledge.

We do not seek to reform, we seek to replace. We must stand for the truth and force the dinosaurs of corruption and power out of office. The officials who have been in office for 60 years, 50 years, 40 years, 30 years, 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, are all suspect. American is mired in the hatred of itself by political incompetence in both parties at all levels. These people live in the world of Washington, D.C. and only serve themselves. Passing laws that pad their bank accounts and send the bill to the American people.

Will you bow to this evil that has raised its ugly head and demands you obey and get injected with what?

Our will you obey your own sovereignty of medical choice?

William Howell & Neil Strauss “The Fourth Turning” p313.

Who Can You Believe?

When you hear lies and deception can you discern the lies and deception?

Who can you believe?

The media spreads deception and lies, the elected and appointed officials spread lies and deception.

Who can you believe?

When you hear the religious leaders telling lies and deception can you discern the sign of the time?

Who can you believe?

Who can you believe?

Are the words of men trust worthy?

When you hear someone present themselves truthful and trustworthy and then turn away from truth.

Who can you believe?

The voices of the world say many things that are not of God, those voices are in power right now. Yet are they voices you can believe? Are they telling the truth? Are they being deceitful? This is a time that many people are in confusion because they know not how to read the sign of the times. What signs do you see?

There is a great disconnect from the reality we live in and the reality that exist.

We are all manipulated by the forces of society and few people choose to see the truth of the manipulation they are being subjected to.

Who can you believe?

The words of men do not matter. To be a believer and are follower of the Living God, I AM. Who the world curses, but who we love as our king. We stand with “I AM”, “Jesus Christ,” “The Word of God.” This is all that truly matters. Because from the “Word of God,” comes truth.

Ask yourself, who is throwing truth to the ground and trampling on it? Who can you believe?

Ask yourself are you hot or cold? For this is not the time of the lukewarm. People always put off the choices that reflect the rejection of truth. But there is a window of time and once the time is past the window is closed and all opportunity is lost.

Choose wisely, whom you will believe.

Was 9/11 Our Hiroshima Moment?

Though I have not given much thought to the 9/11 event in years recently I saw something that made me think that the title of the article happened. I offer no evidence except the 9/11 event and how the towers disappeared and our history from that moment til now.

Many minds are closed to truth not by choice but by propaganda, which was legalized under the O’bama regime. As many Americans who can see the truth of our government there are tens of thousands who would deny the truth even when you show them the evidence.

So my question is simple. Was 9/11 our Hiroshima Moment when a foreign government or rouge agency attacked us or even a false flag attack? I ask this question so many years later as the truth of the Twin Towers destruction on 9/11 2001. The buildings were turned to dust. What sort of weapon destroyed the towers much like the fires in CA where homes are burnt to the ground but not the trees.

So I ask again was 9/11 our Hiroshima Moment? A moment in time when our government realized it was powerless except to capitulate to that authority that controlled the weapons that brought the towers down?

Who has energy weapons that can turn steel to dust? Literally. Avenues of dust like debris along city streets of NYC on 9/11, but yet very little physical metal at the site. What happened to the steel beams, the desk, the chairs, the phones. Yet paper did not burn? Questions few want to ask. Questions few want to know the answer to.

Now the propaganda is over personal medical choices. The propaganda says all will be well in the country if everyone just take the free shot. The CDC, the bobble heads, all the rest say everyone must have the new vaccine because the world is in danger, shout the “Chicken Little’s” running around. Liars are trying to force these false narratives into the mindset of their minions. Because all media is controlled by six corporations, all news controlled except via the internet or small podcast news etc. Which I personally think is better than giant corporate news because you get people who have nothing to gain reporting truth. Unlike the control by the Gang of SIX which allows only what they want you to hear about and limit your access to the truth.

Really, over a year and a half has gone by since the propaganda began that nothing would save you but the free vaccine. I ask one question to all the pro vaccine voices. When in your lifetime has a doctor or a pharmacy offered you something for free? Yet suddenly the vaccines are all free. You might even get a winning lottery ticket. Ask yourself since when has this type of behavior ever happened in your life time?

Now the voices are screaming it is the un-vaccinated who are a danger to society, yet the people who have been vaccinated are the ones getting sick and dying at a much higher rate.

So now the question is were we attacked by a foreign country and the US government is to scared to respond because of 9/11? Know weapons exist that can destroy major buildings in the middle of a city. So the Capitol Building could be targeted, the White House could be targeted, the Pentagon, The Federal Reserve, The Treasury, The Supreme Court. Now looking at history from 9/11 till today. You can see American power has be captured by a enemy, via the “Art of War.” In a word, deception.

The CCP officials are bragging they took America down with a bio weapon (the vaccine). Who is fooling who here! Are we to believe a government bureaucrat of 50 years who is nothing more than a bag man for the government to do things outside of America that are not allowed inside of America? Yet he is giving medical advise to hundreds of million of people when he has not practiced medicine. So is that not illegal for someone who does not have a medical license to give medical advise?

The CDC thinks they have so much power they can say it and we all must obey them. Does no one get to think out side of the thought police of government? So one and half years have gone by and the virus has proven to a lot less deadly than the cure. What a surprise? The FDA has approved all kinds of products that were toxic to humans and had to be recalled. Many people have died from FDA approved “medicine.”

Yet, here we are in America where many officials demand we the people do as they say and many people believe that everyone should obey them. Like the Piped Piper we should all follow along blindly, without questioning, without doubting the truth of the messenger, just obey.

Now we have the fake government thinking that we all are going to obey their edicts. Illegal edicts, created to enslave the minds of the masses under the guise of fake patriot names. Like the “Patriot Act.” Should have been called the “Enslavement Act.” For their safety, American’s who are afraid gave up their freedom for safety. So do they deserve freedom?

So here we are again the Global Cabal, criminal gang is trying to steal America, right out from under our noses. Yet with 400 million weapons in the hands of the populace that is a problem. So you have all these people writing idiot articles about how to convince Americans to give up their guns. Or the fake medical establishment called the CDC, making up a disease to classify gun ownership as some sort of threat to society. Always blaming gun owners for crimes they had nothing to do with. The person who committed the crime is a victim of gun ownership in the twisted minds of these hypocrites.

Both of these ideas are lies. Deception in the “Art of War.” Both were spewed by women. Women who probably have are Social Justice Warrior HYPOCRITES. They say give up your freedom for my safety and then spew my body my choice when they want to abort a baby and millions of people are believing such lies?

Truth is a four letter word to these people. Just as the name of Jesus Christ is a four letter word to them. They are a part of the hive and as such they follow orders. No matter if it gets people killed.

I recently got a letter from the VA thanking me for my service and reminding me that I could continue to serve my country. How, you might ask? It reads come to the VA and get your free Wuhan Virus vaccine. HYPOCRITES, head of the VA and head of the medical department. No Thanks. I think now I will serve my country again by NOT GETTING A VACCINE, and keeping and eye on the “enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.” Who are poisoning many in the population with the Chinese Bio Weapon COVID-19, Certificate of Vaccination ID. A world wide assault by the EUGENIC lovers, you know Bill Gates, Ted Turner, The Democrat Party, the SPLC, The Church of Satan, Planned Parenthood, and a army of others. All with the goal of The Georgia Guidestones population reduction plans.

Seems murdering people with different methods has become a hobby with these Eugenic’s lovers. Are they enjoying watching so many people die? Does it fulfill their dream of “Saving the Planet.” A deception to confuse the minds of those people who would claim to work to save “Mother Earth.” Notice the hive mindset of Eugenic and ECO TERRORIST of the “Global Warming.” “The Sky is falling!” Declares, Chicken Little. We only have 11 years left.

If you are afraid to ask the question, you are afraid of the answer.

If you are afraid of dying, you are afraid of living.

If you are afraid of the truth, you are an enemy of God.

If you are a lover of truth, you are a servant to God.

For Truth is the “WORD OF GOD.”


The Pagan Government of Deception

Jerry Nadler US Elected Representative, stated “Gods Will Is Of No Concern of this Congress.”

Have you noticed how our elected officials are placing themselves above GOD? Have you seen them pray to Brahma. Are they making way for their Pagan Government of Deception? Look around you, are the laws being passed pro human, pro American, pro freedom? No they are not. Look around you is justice tilted or equal? If a BLM or ANTIFA member assaults someone most likely they will not be charged. However if you lean to a conservative or patriot side you are a threat to American Democracy. Now the DHS has stated “Whites are a threat as they are praising the Taliban.” Really, so all over America whites are agreeing with the Taliban. That is a government lie of deception.

This government needs a domestic enemy. They need a domestic enemy so they can pass “laws” to destroy their enemy. So they have chosen the “whites” as the enemy of the state, the enemy of democracy. Funny that, By the fruit they bring forth with their actions and deeds they prove themselves to be a government of deception. A government that hates its own population.

Since God’s will is of no concern to the current government, I feel sorry for American’s who fail to see the sign of the times. Tyranny is raising its ugly head. Now is the time to understand when they start their push it will be a few people they will isolate and then destroy and then it will spread if people do not band together to read the sign of the times.

The great founders of America, Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, wanted freedom from the “Christian” religion so they built a temple for their God. In regards to Jan 6th 2021, Nancy Pelosi stated our “Temple of Democracy” had be desecrated. A Temple of worship? The US Capitol Building? Um, Tom Horn has explained this comment quite well in his movie “The Secret Destiny of America Revealed.” And we find indeed it was built as a PAGAN Temple to a pagan gods of the Egyptians and Greeks and Romans,

But America, is built on two ideas of belief. One is the Judeau-Christian, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and the other built on pagan beliefs of life, death and resurrection.

Kamala Debi Harris is a person named for pagan goddess of deception and destruction. Um. Can you see the sign of the times?

Are you aware of the hour? Can you see the forest for the trees? Are your eyes open?

1Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, 2That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. 3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. 5Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? 6And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.”*

So what can you see? Is your will to see truth clear? Is your path straight. Is your faith grounded on the rock?

These are times that were foretold. You can close your eyes to truth or you can open your eyes to truth but either way you are living in the middle of the “Fourth Turning.” **

Our society is changing because forces are driving the “falling away.” Look at the ministry of Billy Graham, turned to dust. Look at the “prosperity gospel” of mega churches, are they preaching the “Word of God,” of Jesus Christ, lived, crucified, resurrected? No they are not. Are the Evangelical churches preaching the “Word of God” Jesus Christ? No I do not believe they are. Is the Catholic church preaching the “Word of God?” No they are not, they are preaching a “NEW WORLD ORDER” theology that demands all bow to the Pope. The pagan leader of the pagan catholic church,who bows each morning to an idol of Mary and Child, pretending righteousness, defying God.

For if they were preaching Jesus, the “Word of God,” they would preach Revelation. “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:”*

So ask yourself if Jesus Christ gave a revelation to the people why is it not taught? Why is your church not preaching the only thing that matters in all the world, which is that the gospel message of salvation by faith in the “Word of God.” Belief.

I hear people talking about those who do not go to church as faithless Christians, Yet if one goes into a church that is bound by dogma of any creed other than the “Word of God,” is your duty to the man made church or the Church of God?

There is little doubt that the future is changing and if we fail to look at the signs of the times, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past for “There is nothing new under the sun.”* As Solomon said.

So now is the time of seeing, hearing, speaking the truth of the times. The great pagan era of Aquarius has dawned and all who are alive will live in the vortex of pagan orgy. As a follower of “The Word of God,” you can be caught up in this denial of truth and partake of the orgies. Or you can see the signs of the times and understand that you can step outside of the pagan ideologies of desires and lust.

And simple stand with the “Word of God.” Though you will be hated and scorned by those who revel in joy of their perverted orgies. They will gorge themselves in their orgies of lust and debauchery and many of their victims will be those who refuse to accept their pagan gods.


** The Fourth Turning William Strauss and Neil Howe

There is No Doubt

When a person chooses Jesus Christ as their King, their life changes. There is no doubt when “I AM” speaks to you and fulfills your demand of proof of his existence he will respond if you truly mean what you say in truth.

God is not afraid to fulfill your demand of proof. Each of us has our questions that must be answered before we can move in the direction of Righteous. Slowly we progress forward seeking out the righteousness of the holy, ” I AM.” But it is not us seeking, we are being lead down a path to righteousness. The Way, The Straight and Narrow. This is a limited path, straight and narrow. Simple, easy to understand, yet so few can follow this Way.

Soon the idea of only one way will be considered an insult and you will not be able to speak the words of Jesus Christ. You will be accused of harming people because they will refuse the truth because they have thrown truth to the ground and declared all truth relative to the individual.

Yet, that is a misrepresentation of truth itself. People always ask, so tell me an absolute truth. I tell them, you are born, you live a space of time, you die. Absolute Truth. As human beings we probably at a 99.99 percent level agree that murder is wrong, yet as a misrepresentation of truth, you have parents murdering their own children for honor, respect. Abortion is simply legal murder, just as killing in a war is simply legal murder. Yet to many these are relative to their personal truth and cannot call these actions what they are, Murder.

The people mocking Jesus are afraid of the truth. They fear their own reality could be false. They wish to live in a world of illusion where all is relative to their personal choices. Even when they lie and say truth is relative. This is the lie of illusion. To face the truth of your own reality is something few people wish to do.

The only distant between you and Jesus Christ is the distance you allow to be put there. Our actions are the reason we are at a distant from God. People choose doubt where there is no doubt. People choose wrong and will not change their minds and just continue to walk down the road of life blind to the truth that exist all around them. Denying truth does not make it go away.

Truth, the Enemy of Lies

So few people wish to ask the questions that really needs to be answered. People are throwing truth to the ground and trampling on it. The White House press secretary sounds like she took lessons from the Joseph Goebbels. Do you see the truth of that statement or am I just a liar? When truth is denied and thrown down that is propaganda. When only half truths are mixed with false statements that is propaganda. When a government tells you, you are required that is TYRANNY.

Our US Government has lost all credibility with the American people who stand with the truth. Joe Biden is no more the President of the US than I am. The Wuhan virus is the excuse to induce the world population to capitulate to the tyranny of medical and political malpractice and as such all need to be held accountable for betraying not just their oaths of office to be a servant to the public good. But for the malicious malfeasance they have wrought. But instead what do we have, 30, 40, 50, 60 years US representatives who only represent themselves and their business buddies and political partners. Paid off by the Central Banksters and CCP.

Does anyone really believe Nancy Peolosi is competent to serve, or Mitch McConnell? AOC is she competent? Adam Schiff? Lindsay Graham? Not one of them is fit. Nor is any of the bureaucrats of the Executive Civil Service who are the deep state un-elected officials, bought and paid for like all the rest of leaders in government. The Civil Service Needs a complete overhaul.

With two million US Federal employees, it is time to fire every Executive of the Civil Service. It is time to no longer obey their bureaucrat rules and regulations. Congress and given over power to these people who have no authority to even make rules except by the failure of the Congress to do it own job and pass the buck.

People always respond with the negative to truth. So few want to accept that we are being played for fools by organizations, governments and different people in various positions around the world. Fake News on all major network broadcast. Fake laws to enslave the people with such wonderful and just names as the Patriot Act, Or the American Recovery Plan. Yea, to create a police state where they let you live as a slave to their tyranny of Build Back Better. You will own nothing and be happy so say the want a be tyrants of the world. We will decide who will live so say the tyrants of the world .

But the people have a different voice they listen to and it is not a voice of men. Men who place themselves above all others who they choose to pretend they serve with honor and trust, but instead they stab the people in the back and demand they bow to their every demand of tyranny.

We Will Not Bow.

God sees those who refuse the believe truth. God sees those who are cowards. God sees those who deny reality made manifest. God sees those who are lukewarm, sitting on the fence waiting to see which side they will join. They have all bowed. Their choice is made.

We will not bow to mask mandates, vaccine passports, theft of our rights, theft of our freedom, theft of our right to serve our GOD any way we so choose without any government or health care or police or military telling us we cannot.
We do not obey the tyranny of tyrants. We are the VOICES OF FREEDOM. Shouting together in a voice for the world to hear STAND WITH POWER. In the WORD OF GOD, JESUS.


The Harvesting of Souls

“As In the days of Noah.” A statement from the Bible referring to a time of specific sin, genetic engineering. A change in the human species with breeding programs. A change in the Temple of God. We live in a world many call these breeders aliens. But it seems the word demon fits much better as their intentions are evil.

The Tower of Babel, the tower of confusion, when men thought to place himself above “I AM.” Creation is the hand of the Alpha & Omega, Jesus Christ is not a fairy tell. Nor are the demons who know him, recognize him and fear him, just as we are told to fear God. The demons do.

The being that wants to be above the Most High is using human beings like puppets to create his vision of mankind. Merging humanity with machine, mixing man with animals, changing men into women and women into men, stealing the souls of all those who agree. This mixing of the human DNA with anything that will mix they seek to destroy the souls of human beings.

Why the push to tag all of the world with the new way of gene engineering, perhaps a push to tag humans like cattle is a push to see how much change can be tolerated without surgery, using genetic engineering to move the entire world into a soulless society. This is the harvest of souls.

A soulless population that gives itself willing and eager to agree to the genetic engineering plan to change their humanity. Even by means of deception, they go willingly. With vaccines, drugs and surgery.

You will give your soul to the Holiness of God, Jesus Christ or you will give your soul to evil of the destruction of the Creation of God.

The the Most High God, Jesus Christ is standing watching the evil that is harvesting the souls of billions.

And it appears vaccines is their chosen method of creating their soulless society.

This is a time of choosing who you will serve.

I Saw this on I am not sure of the actually source.

Read Your Bible.